Mr. Rude
Mr. Man or Little Miss? Mr. Man
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Red
Traits Rude, Selfish
First Appearance Physical
Latest Appearance Pests
Voiced By Joseph J. Terry
Mr. Rude is a character in The Mr Men Show. He has a dark red nose, brown shoes, has hair on his head, and has a French Accent. He is very mean, rude, and scary. His catchphrase is "I'll give you something, (followed by a loud fart)". After that, a random Mr Men or Little Miss yells out his name, "MR RUDE!!!". He is voiced by Joseph J. Terry. His first appearence is Physical.


  • Mr. Rude is the only character that said "Murder"
  • Mr. Rude is one of the few characters who doesn't like to change his nature.
  • In Jobs, Mr. Rude is a bad driver.
  • In Travel, he had his own theme park called Rudeland.