The two usually get along fine, but sometimes Little Miss Sunshine can be very annoying to Mr. Happy.

The Relationship in GeneralEdit


  • Hotel: Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine play against Mr. Fussy and Mr. Messy at a volley ball game in the pool.

Getting AlongEdit

  • Snow: Mr. Happy says Miss Sushine looks nice on "this lovely snow day" and Miss Sunshine says "thank you!"
  • Amusement Park: Miss Sunshine and Mr. Happy ride the ferris wheel together.
  • Parade: They marched together and served as judges in the parade.
  • Dance: Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine danced with each other but both stepped on each other's feet.
  • Restaurants: Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine go out on a date at the beginning of the episode.
  • Next Door: Little Miss Sunshine invites Mr. Happy over to her house for dinner.


  • Collecting: Miss Sunshine keeps asking if "this was a collection and that was collection" and Mr. Happy had a bored expression on his face.