Mr. Tickle constantly tickles Mr. Grumpy, because he believes tickling makes people happy, but it ends up harming Mr. Grumpy instead. The relationship is mostly one-sided because Mr. Tickle tries to make Mr. Grumpy and wants to be his friend, but Mr. Grumpy is annoyed by him and always wants him to go away. However, there are times when they do get along.

The Relationship in General Edit

Mr. Grumpy's Annoyance with Mr. Tickle Edit

  • Mr. Grumpy: Mr. Tickle tickles Mr. Grumpy everytime he was mean to somebody.
  • Goo: Mr. Grumpy was glad to see Mr. Strong, but not Mr. Tickle. And Mr. Tickle tries to tickle Mr. Grumpy's pipes, but he breaks them even more, and Mr. Grumpy swore that if he did that again, it would be the last pipe he tickled.

Mr. Grumpy's RevengeEdit