Mr. Grumpy
Age Over 30 years old.
Mr. Man or Little Miss? Mr. Man
Skin Color Blue
First Appearance Physical
Latest Appearance Pests
Voiced By Sam Gold
Mr. Grumpy is a character in the Mr. Men Show.


  • In "Flying", at the time the episode is aired, he is possibly over 30, stating that he's been working as a flight attendant 30 years ago (However, 30 years ago could also be referring to 1978, the year the Mr. Grumpy book was released). He could also have been exaggerating.
  • His favorite food is liverwurst, as mentioned in BeachConstructionPicnics and Pests.
  • He has his hat off seven times! (Lake, Camping, Yard Work, Chores, Cars, Toys, Up and Down)
  • He is one of (if not the most) life-threatening characters.
  • He hates birds because they poop on him. (Beach, Camping, Up And Down)
  • He sometimes calls characters without saying Mr. or Miss when he is cross or fed up with them or he doesn't bother.
  • In Dance, Mr. Grumpy wrote a story of his own life.