Mr. Fussy gets occasionally bothered by Mr. Messy's uncleanliness.

The Relationship in GeneralEdit


Mr. Fussy's conflict with Mr. MessyEdit

Movies: Mr. Messy's Antics get Mr. Fussy removed from the Movie Theatre.

Mall: Mr. Messy shows Mr. Fussy disgusting cheese.

Trains: Mr. Messy got Mr. Fussy squished by Mr. Rude's instant sponges and he didn't help.

Heatwave: Mr. Messy ruins Mr. Fussy's car.

Paint: Mr. Messy's purple paint ruins the inside of Mr. Fussy's home but he makes it white again.

Cinema: Mr. Messy lures other Mr. Men into Mr. Fussy's car.

Sight-Seeing: Mr. messy ends up on the Same Bus as Mr. Fussy and gives him a hard time.

Airport: Mr. Messy made Mr. Fussy miss his plane and got him removed from the Airport.

Hotel: Mr. Messy and Mr. Bounce end up in the same room with Mr. Fussy.

Mr. Messy's conflict with Mr. FussyEdit

Machines: Mr. Fussy gives Mr. Messy a clean-up machine.

Collecting: Mr. Fussy and his vaccuum cleaner suck up Mr. Messy's shoes and his collection.

Getting AlongEdit

Birds: Mr. Messy refuses to leave Mr. Fussy behind.

Parties: Mr. Fussy thought it would be rude to reject Mr. Messy's invitation.

Gifts: Mr. Messy and Mr. Fussy share a birthday.

Toys: Mr. Fussy invited him along with Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Tickle to play Pass the Ticking Tomato.

The Dark: Mr. Persncikety invites Mr. Messy to watch a movie because he perfers company rather than watching scary things alone.