Mr. Fussy
Mr. Man or Little Miss? Mr. Man
Hair Color Black Strands, formerly full (head).

Black (Moustache)

Skin Color Dark Green, formerly lighter.
Traits Hates filth, wants thing done properly, fusspot, perfectionist
First Appearance Physical (as Mr. Persnickety)

Picnics (as Mr. Fussy)

Latest Appearance Ships (as Mr. Persnickety)

Pests (as Mr. Fussy)

Voiced By Joseph J. Terry (US),

Mr. Fussy is a character in The. Men Men Show.


  • He was previously called Mr. Persnickety in Season 1 in the Mr. Men Show, but in Season 2 they changed his name back to the original name he had in the books.
  • In the original designs and in one storyboard, when Mr. Fussy (Persnickety) goes swimming, he wears a striped swimsuit.
  • Mr. Fussy has a usually one-sided conflict with Mr. Messy.
  • He has been seen without his glasses (Farm, Bath and Bubbles, Beach, Paint, Eyeglasses), bowtie (Airport (goof), BeachFair (goof), Wildlife), shoes (Dance, Beach, Shoes, Game Shows (goof), Sand and Surf), and moustache (BugsDance Dance Dance).
  • His mouth can be shown when his moustache lifts up. (Amusument Park, Fair, Birds, Inventions, Trains, Beach)
  • His catchphrase is "Sweet Henrietta!"