Lights, Camera, Bump is a Mr. Men Graphic Novel



Mr. Bump is watching TV but nothing good is on so he throws the remote at the TV set and then he gets sucked in.


Mr. Bump ends up on Dillydale's #1 reality show, "Stranded" (a parody of Endurance and Survivor). Mr. Happy is the host while Mr. Bump, Mr. Grumpy, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Rude are competing for a coffee mug. The first challenge is collecting logs, in this challenge Miss Sunshine gets the biggest log and runs off with it as Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Rude chase after her (as they all trample over Mr. Bump). Next, the gang try to catch some fish, Mr. Rude's fishing line catches Mr. Bump's bandage wich makes Mr. Bump cast away with the Fishing line where he is almost eaten by a shark. the next challenge is to build a fire, Mr. Rude farts on the fire, which makes it bigger and also have Mr. Bump catch fire which makes him run around (accidently seting fire to the natives huts) and jump into the sea where he is put out but is once again almost eating by a shark. Miss Sunshine is the first one to cook her fishes which means that she wins, the natives chase Mr. Bump so they can feed him to the shark and Mr. Rude farts.

Mr. Happy's NeighborhoodEdit

Mr. Bump then ends up on a show called "Mr. Happy's Neighborhood", where he and Mr. Happy try to pack a priceless vase which leads to Mr. Bump being hit on the head by a table, geting traped in bubble wrap and having many objects such as the box, a lamp, a potted plant and a chair. then at the post office where Mr. Scatterbrain accidently packs Mr. Bump into a box and he is sent to the airport and put on a plane. On the way, Mr. Bump falls out of the plane, gets zapped by powerlines bounces off a car, bounces off a house and falls to the ground where Little Miss Helpful finds him and gives him to Miss Sunshine who tells Mr. Bump that the Vase arrived the day before, and with that Mr. Bump breaks into bits.

The NewsEdit

Now Mr. Bump is on the news where he reads the teleprompter that tells him about stampedes all over town and then goes live to Mr. Tall for an update. Mr. Tall reports that the next stampede is heading for the studio, with that a bunch of cows stampede through the news room where they trample Mr. Bump.

Good morning, Dillydale!Edit

Mr. Bump is now on "Good morning, Dillydale!" where he cooks a special dish, when pre-heating the oven, Mr. Bump catches fire (again). Miss Sunshine helps boil the water while Mr. Happy chops the carrots, Miss Sunshine is destracted and the water over-flows, Mr. Happy cuts too many carrots. All the lobsters get out of the pot and attack Mr. Bump but he gets them back in the pot. They start boiling but Miss Sunshine thinks that tey are cute and doesnt want to eat them (and with that, a lobster pinches Mr. Bump). When squirting the dish with lemons, Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine accidently squirt the lemon into Mr. Bump which unables him to see for a second, which is why he was almost eaten by a giant lobster.

This Messy HouseEdit

Mr. Bump is now on a show where he and Mr. Strong are fixing up Mr. Messy's bathroom. In the bathroom, Mr. Bump has to deal with mold, hiting his head on the bathroom sink, accidently spraying a bathroom cleaner in his face and slippery floors. When Mr. Bump is cleaning out the bathtub, the water starts bubbling so Mr. Bump dives in to see what it is, it turns out to be Mr. Messy's pet pipe monster, Paula, who tries to pull Mr. Bump down the drain. When Mr. Bump eventually gets out of the bath, he slips again on the slippery floor.

Code Bump (Advertisment 1)Edit

This week on "Code Bump!": Mr. Messy gave Mr. Bump plastic surgery to make him look like Mr. Messy himself.

Just CuriousEdit

Mr. Bump is now back to normal but he is now on an expedition show where he, Mr. Nosey and Mr. Small are going under water to look for the long lost ship wreck of the S.S. Tiny-Tanic! (parody of the Titanic). on the trip, Mr. Bump gets hit on the head, shot out of the torpedo canon, crushed by an anchor,almost shredded by a propellor and shot in the air by a lifeboat.


References, Parodies, Etc.Edit

  • Stranded is a parody of Endurance, Survivor, and Total Drama Island.
  • The title of "Mr. Happy's Neighborhood" is a reference to Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.


  • During Little Miss Bossy's story, when Little Miss Helpful sees her favorite plant, her green and white sneakers are missing.
  • In some parts of the book, Mr. Bump only had 4 bandages instead of 5.
  • In some parts of the book, the amount of bandages Mr. Bump has switches. For example, sometimes he has 3 on top and 2 on bottom, and sometimes he has 2 on top and 3 on bottom.