Mr. Bump
1280x1024 bump
Mr. Man or Little Miss? Mr. Man
Skin Color Blue
Family Little Miss Whoops (Sister)
Traits Clumsy, worriful, unlucky
First Appearance Physical
Latest Appearance Pests
Voiced By Aaron Albertus
Mr. Bump is a character in The Mr. Men Show. He is dark blue and has 5 bandages on him. His catchphrase is "Oh, poopity poop!". His sister is Little Miss Whoops, which get hurts by her. He hosts a show called "How Do They Do It?". In the US broadcast he has a Mixed-Southern Accent and in UK a Swedish Accent. In the US Version he is voiced by Aaron Albertus (Paul Greenberg) and in UK by Simon Greenall. He was first seen in Physical.


  • Out of all of the characters, Mr. Bump gets hurt the most.
  • In Pests, when Mr. Bump said "Yes, but wasp nests aren't meant for tickling", he sounded like Bloo from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (except that both of the blue characters has differents voice actors..)