Little Miss Whoops
Mr. Man or Little Miss? Little Miss
Hair Color Dark Blue
Skin Color Blue
Family Mr. Bump (brother)
Occupations "Trained Professional"
First Appearance Physical
Latest Appearance Pests
Voiced By Alicyn Packard

Little Miss Whoops is a character in The Mr Men Show. She has a pink nose and a pink bow, as well as eyeglasses. Her catchphrase is "Whoops!". She claims she's a "trained professional", but she is not. Her brother is Mr. Bump, which is the cause of his accidents. In the US broadcast she has a monotone voice and in UK a Welsh accent. In the US version, she is voiced by Alicyn Packard and UK by Teresa Gallagher. She was first seen in Physical.


  • She is one of the only three characters that wear glasses along with Mr. Nervous and Mr. Fussy, and the only one Little Miss in the TV series who wears glasses.
  • The only episode where she is seen without her glasses is in Eyeglasses. She has severe short-sightedness which means near sighted.
  • She has dark blue hair in the the music video Beach Party A Go Go in the episode Sand & Surf.
  • She is younger than Mr. Bump. The director for the Mr. Men Show cast, Mark Ristley and the official Mr. Men website had it very clear
  • She was dressed as a maid when seen briefly in Hotel.
  • Her original book design looks similar to her brother Mr. Bump. The only way to tell these two is that Miss Whoops has stringy black hair and a pink nose.
  • Strangely, a plaster on her elbow only appears in the artwork of Little Miss Whoops and the first episode when she acts out her artwork pose, it was nowhere else. However, the episode Rainy Day has a bubble floating with her artwork pose without the plaster.
  • It is possible that her shortsightedness may be severe as her eyes appear magnified, unlike Mr. Nervous, when she has her glasses on. When she wore his glasses, it usually fails because they have different prescriptions..
  • If you look very close into the scene of Miss Whoops after she had lost her glasses her nose looked like it was coloured light blue just like her's and Mr. Bump's skin colour instead of pink.
  • She didn't care that Mr. Rude is acting rude and has bad manners. Apparently, she shouted his name along with the audience(not counting Miss Bossy) when he passed gas in Telephone. Sad thing is, her voice wasn't heard...
  • A running gag in the series is that she has worked multiple jobs and ends up causing accidents(She didn't really mean to).
  • She lives next door to Mr. Bump.
  • She is one of the seven blue characters.
  • She is only seen angry at theatres (Sleep, Telephone, Cinema). She is even angry in the episodes, Surprises and Eyeglasses (if you pause for a moment through the end of Eyeglasses Rap music video, you'll notice some inconsistency)
  • She also sings The Eyeglasses Rap with Mr. Fussy and Mr. Nervous.
  • Sometimes she even gets hurt like Mr. Bump when Miss Helpful is with her.
  • She has been seen with all characters (except Miss Bossy, Miss Giggles, Miss Magic, Mr. Funny, Miss Curious and Mr. Tall who haven't been seen with her so far)
  • She is one of the characters who does not like being tickled by Mr. Tickle. She does laugh a lot after she gets tickled by Mr. Tickle. This is one thing that causes her to have her own accidents.
  • In Out to Sea when she was in her mermaid outfit, she had eyelashes. She even had BLACK hair just like she has in her own book.
  • She sometimes break rules. For example: In the episode called Cinema, she ate the hotdog when she is supposed to be serving it to customers. Very naughty of you, Miss Whoops!
  • Her US voice is similar to that of Fran Drescher. Needless to say, Fran's voice is low and Miss Whoops' voice is high pitched.
  • She can't drive anything properly (due to her accidents) in Snow (snowplough), Paint (street painting machine), Farm (tractor), Driving (a regular car) (type up more if you find them)
  • She only sings as a backup singer in Dillydale Dancefloor which is hard to hear (Due to Miss Sunshine's and Mr. Bump's voices blocking it). Even for the song Junk Mail, but her voice was heard clearly.