Musical TourEdit

Little Miss Sunshine wakes up and Mr. Messy's broken bus was in her yard, she gets Mr. Strong to fix it up and she then takes a magic musical tour across Dillydale.

Good Morning DillydaleEdit

This morning on Good Morning Dillydale, Mr. Messy apologizes for pumping sewage into kitchens and bathrooms, Little Miss Scary docks her pirate ship, Mr. Strong's dillyball throw goes into space, and Little Miss Whoops and Little Miss Helpful show off there time machine.

Mr. Quiet's BirthdayEdit

Mr. Quiet wants peace and quiet for his birthday, but he doesn't get peace and quiet.

Giddy Up!Edit

Little Miss Sunshine learns how to ride a horse, but things go wrong.

Dillydale's Got TalentEdit

Mr. Rude, Mr. Fussy, and Little Miss Sunshine are the judges of Dillydale's Got Talent, Mr. Rude buzzes out everyone to be rude, and Mr. Fussy buzzes out everyone because they are a little "improper", the contestants are Mr. Nosy and Mr. Small, Little Miss Magic, Mr. Messy, Mr. Bump and Mr. Bounce, Little Miss Bossy, and Mr. Nervous.

Bonus Track!Edit

Little Miss Sunshine sings another song.


  • Here Comes the Sun! is also the name of a Beatle song.